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Acne & Anti-Aging Clinic

Acne & Anti-Aging Clinic

Robyn Prazmark, LME

I am a certified Acne specialist. Acne is all I do. With my training and experience, I have a 95% clear rate with people who follow their individual protocol.

If you have tried ProActive, antibiotics and over the counter products and failed to clear your skin, I have the answer. Try these simple steps:

1) Call me for an Acne Consult and find out how to treat your acne. Every skin is different. You will meed my coaching to get clear.

2) Stop antibioics and over the counter products. Acne is NOT caused by bacteria.

3) Follow an Acne diet, removing dairy, peanuts, iodides in salt.

4) Do not pick unless you like scars.

5) Choose a makeup that is safe for Acne.

6) Learn to read labels on products that contain comediogenic ingredients.


Acne Speciaalist, Robyn Prazmark

Acne Specialist, Robyn Prazmark


It’s time to call Skin Care by Robyn for the best Acne care available.

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